Before You Fall in Love with a Home...

It’s easy to be wowed by a house. You’re anxious to discover your dream home and accomplish a big goal. You can’t wait to cook in the brand new kitchen or relax in the spa-style tub. All that excitement can also make it easy to dismiss some minor issues that can become major annoyances down the road. Rather than letting your excitement get the best of you, take the time to analyze smaller details properly.

Don’t dismiss the location

Let’s say you find a perfect home that’s an extra 20 minutes each way from work. Those 40 additional minutes both ways don’t seem like a big deal at first glance, but consider that you’ll be dealing with that extra commute day after day, year after year, for as long as you live in the house. Is that an inconvenience you’re willing to deal with? Make an educated decision—do a test run of the actual commute and see whether it’s tolerable, or would eventually drive you crazy.

Think about amenities

South Florida real estate is often shaped by community amenities. Does the potential neighborhood align with your priorities? Make sure you’re choosing a home that makes it easy to do the things you love most, whether that’s enjoying the bean-shaped heated neighborhood pool, not dealing with lawn maintenance every two weeks, having the peace of mind with a gated entrance, or socializing with neighbors in the community clubhouse.

Working order

Shiny new appliances and an open-concept living space may be on your list of must-haves, but don’t let the aesthetics distract from the more expensive fundamentals. Are the bathrooms and kitchen in good shape? Does the house look like it may have mold or water damage issues, which can turn an otherwise perfect home into a nightmare? Is the electrical box in good working condition?

None of these issues should necessarily remove a home from consideration—you just have to be aware of the total package.

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