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Tucked away on the Town of Jupiter's fringes, Jupiter Farms melds rural tranquility with easy access to South Florida's coastal luxuries. Spanning over 15 square miles, this free-spirited residential enclave celebrates individual expression and strong community bonds.

The absence of a Homeowners Association is a standout feature here, giving homeowners the latitude to customize their properties to their liking. With generously sized plots, ranging from one to over 10 acres, residents have plenty of space for outdoor activities, gardening, and even farming.

Architectural diversity reigns in Jupiter Farms. From cozy log cabins and classic ranch homes to opulent Mediterranean and elegant modern estates, the choices are as varied as the people who live here. Most homes offer 3 to 5 bedrooms and living areas between 1,500 and 5,000 sqft, often complemented by private pools, expansive lawns, and occasionally, horse stables.

Another allure of Jupiter Farms is its commitment to environmental stewardship. Nestled close to natural sanctuaries like Riverbend Park and Cypress Creek Natural Area, residents often find themselves hiking, horseback riding, or capturing nature's beauty through a lens. Morning jogs, weekend get-togethers, and kayaking escapades in these parks are regular features of life here.

Local amenities are well in place, including fire services, community policing, and waste management. The sense of community isn't lost despite the absence of an HOA; the neighborhood hosts seasonal festivities and organizes outreach programs.

Jupiter Farms offers a rare blend of autonomy and community, making it an ideal choice for those looking to break free from the typical suburban mold without losing the sense of belonging.

Key Features

Home types:
  • SF
Home sizes (median living sqft):
  • 2,129 (SF)
Monthly HOA fees (approx. as of July 2019; may vary by property):
  • N/A
  • Large lots, nature
  • Jupiter Farms Elementary School
  • Watson B. Duncan or Independence Middle Schools
  • Jupiter High School

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