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Locations of Toxic Superfunds & Brownfields in Palm Beach County, FL

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There are 2 Superfunds (one active and one deactivated), 3 State Cleanup Sites (all three delisted), and 21 Brownfields in Palm Beach County, according to the Division of Waste Management of Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Various waste site investigation and cleanup programs exist that can affect the number of active hazardous sites in the Palm Beach County area.

  • A red toxic waste icon
    a CERLA (aka Superfund) site - a hazardous site of toxic waste that is uncontrolled, abandoned and unmanaged, posing serious risks to people and local ecosystems.
  • A green toxic waste icon
    a State Cleanup Site site - a contaminated site, posing serious risks to people and local ecosystems, but not on the National Priority (Superfund) List.
  • A yellow toxic waste icon
    a Brownfield - a real property, whose re-use and re-development may be complicated by a pollutant, contaminant or hazardous substance.

The map of brownfields and other contaminated areas in Palm Beach County below is interactive. Feel free to zoom in wherever you like. An interactive map of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection can be accessed here.

This map is an original work and was assembled by our team using information from various government sources. As such, it is protected by copyright.

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